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    PIV yesterday:
Author(s) Organization Country Title
S. Burgmann RWTH Aachen Germany More than a decade of PIV at the Institute of Aerodynamics – Development and Application
L. David,
A. Texier
University of Poitiers France Measurements by Particle Streak Velocimetry: first step to the PIV ?
D.M. Markovich,

N.A. Fomin

Institute of Thermophysics, Novosibirsk
Heat & Mass Transfer Institute, Minsk


Flow velocimetry in former Soviet Union States

          PIV today:

Author(s) Organization Country Title
C. Atkinson,

J. Soria

Monash University, Melbourne
Ecole Centrale de Lille


Accelerated Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry for 3C-3D Velocity Measurements
R. Badreddine, M. Lawerenz University of Kassel Germany PIV-Measurement of self-induced periodic flow
M. Bartelt,
A. Mohseni,
V. Opilat,
J.R. Seume
Leibniz University, Hannover Germany Endoscopic Stereoscopic PIV for Turbomachinery Applications
L. David,
D. Calluaud,
L. Chatellier,
L. Thomas,
B. Tremblais
University of Poitiers France Post-processing tools from PIV measurements
D.H. Doh,
G.R. Cho,
H.J. Jo,
M. Takei

Korea Maritime University, Busan

Nihon University, Tokyo


A Volume PTV
S. Große,
J. Westerweel
TU Delft The Netherlands Large-scale coherent motion in turbulent pipe flow
A. Henning,
L. Koop,
K. Ehrenfried,
A. Heider
TU Berlin
DLR Göttingen

Germany Application of PIV in acoustic and aeroacoustic experiments
D. M. Markovich Institute of Thermophysics, Novosibirsk Russia PIV-LIF techniques for multiphase flows diagnostics
P. Scholz,
J. Ortmanns,
M. Casper
TU Braunschweig Germany Stereo-PIV as a tool for optimization of flow control devices
A. Schröder,
R. Geisler,
D. Michaelis
DLR Göttingen

LaVision GmbH
Germany Investigation of a tripped turbulent boundary layer flow using time-resolved tomographic PIV